Advanced Certificate in Emerging Telecom Technology

Program Summary

This certificate, offered by Pace University, addresses the needs of the experienced student who has already completed his/her Associate’s level education and who wants to acquire knowledge of telecom’s emerging technologies through an online learning format. At the successful completion of this 20 credit hour course of study, students will receive the Advanced Certificate in Emerging Telecommunications Technology from Pace University. This certificate is designed as the next step in Telecom education for graduates of the various NACTEL Associate’s degrees at Pace University. The certificate can be used as either a stand-alone credential or can be folded into the B.S. Degree in Telecommunications.

What You Will Learn

The courses provide students with a more advanced level of education of the various technologies in the telecommunications industry.

Course Requirements

You may apply for this certificate after completing the required courses regardless of whether or not you choose to continue on and earn your B.S. in Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration.

  • Depending on the courses you are transferring in, you may be required to take some prerequisite courses before registering for any courses specific to a certificate.
  • Like all Bachelor Degree applicants, individuals interested in the certificate must submit all official transcripts and enter with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Students who meet the entry qualifications can expect to complete the certificate program in about one to one and a half years, on a part time basis.

Interested in learning more? Pace University hosts a virtual open house (VOH) periodically throughout the year. View the schedule and register for an upcoming VOH.