Associate Degree in Applied Information Technology, Networking

Program Summary

The A.S. in Networking prepares students for many technical positions in the telecommunications industry. At the successful completion of this 64-credit program, graduates will receive the Associate of Science in Applied Information Technology in Networking Technologies from Pace University. This degree program builds on, and includes, the Introduction to Broadband Certificate and the Broadband Technology Essentials Certificate, and is transferable into Pace University’s Accelerated B.S. degree program.

What You Will Learn

This program provides students with an understanding of fiber-to-the-home, broadband, and networking technologies, along with a comprehensive core of telecom technology courses. The A.S. degree, Networking Technologies track provides a background in broadband essentials, cabling, operating systems and/or microcomputer hardware and troubleshooting, in addition to the technical core courses in electrical circuits, signal and data transmission, emerging communications technologies, and business and technical communications.

Degree Requirements

Foundation Courses 12 credits
Elective Courses 16 credits
Open Elective Courses 4 credits
Major Concentration Courses 32 credits (Includes 28 credits in required courses and 4 credits in major electives)
Total 64 credits

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