Benefits of Joining NACTEL

Become a NACTEL Affiliate and invest in your most important asset – your employees – by providing solutions to educate, develop and train the communications workforce.

Network with Peers Across the Country

Learn, benchmark and share best practices with professionals from across the country who represent a broad and deep network of training and workforce development professionals supporting the communications industry. Participate in NACTEL meetings with industry peers to learn, discover and share education best practices.

NACTEL’s National Affiliation

Join your peer employers in the telecommunications, communications and technology industry sectors. NACTEL’s national partnership of employers leverage NACTEL’s online education and training to equip their employees with specific knowledge so they can take on the jobs of tomorrow. NACTEL’s wide range of partners include companies with bargained-for employees and labor organizations with members in the communications industry.

NACTEL-Sponsored Curriculum

Partners and their employees have immediate access to state-of-the-art, instructor-led, online curriculum, developed and continually monitored by the industry, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

A Voice in Curriculum Development

NACTEL partners participate in curriculum development, which ensures that education programs prepare  their respective workforces for jobs in a continually evolving industry.

Access to Professional Development Opportunities

Three annual convening meetings with opportunities to influence and transform education to support reskilling, upskilling and improve retention with access to a discounted, annual CAEL conference, to connect and network with industry experts from postsecondary education, workforce and economic development, and industry on aligning learning and work so that adults achieve continuous economic advancement.

Discounted Tuition

NACTEL partner employees and members receive significant tuition discounts, negotiated by NACTEL.

Tuition Assistance Value

Of all the programs supported by corporate tuition assistance, NACTEL is the one most aligned with the communications industry.

NACTEL Turn-Key Marketing Assets

Key assets designed for employees to build awareness of education and training opportunities.

NACTEL Quality

NACTEL collects and monitors significant data related to the student experience and workplace relevance. Partners can be assured of a quality education experience.

Strategic Management of Education Partnerships

Understanding that collaborations between companies and post-secondary education institutions are critical drivers of the innovation economy. CAEL serves as an intermediary to support the various stakeholders to achieve shared outcomes.

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