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Going back to school is a big commitment, both in time and money, and will help set your career path for years to come. Take some time- do your research.

Returning to school is a BIG decision.

  • It affects you personally, but also your family and your work.
  • Then, there is the question of how to pay for it.
  • Finally, you need to decide "which program?" and "which school?"

First things first.  What are your goals?

It helps to be clear about your goal – some of the common ones are:

"I’ve always wanted to get my degree."
"I want my kids to know how important school is – if I do it, they’ll do it."
"I want to get ahead in my job."
"I want to understand more about my business."
"I want to take advantage of tuition assistance.

Here is a collection of resources designed to help you as you think about going back to school and about the online certificates and degrees sponsored by NACTEL and offered by Pace University.

Is Online Education Right for You?
Things to think about when considering any online education program.

How Do I Choose the Right School?
This is a very important decision.  Here are a few things to think about when choosing a school, either online or brick and mortar.

Benefits of the NACTEL Online Programs
The NACTEL online telecom education programs are a great choice for your education pursuits and career development

How are the NACTEL programs taught?
More information about how NACEL’s online education programs are taught and what to expect as a student

NACTEL Requirements
Be prepared to begin your NACTEL online telecom courses.

Prior Learning Assessment
Receive college credit for what you’ve already learned.

How Do I Pay For College?
Some options for financial assistance from employers, scholarships, etc.

Contact a NACTEL Education Consultant
For other questions about NACTEL’s online education programs.

Glossary on Online Education
Come across any online education terms that are foreign to you?  See if there is any additional explanation here.

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