Benefits of NACTEL’s Online Programs

Flexible and Convenient

Being accessible anytime anywhere, 24/7, online learning offers a convenient and flexible way to take courses while balancing work, family, and personal responsibilities. NACTEL’s industry-sponsored programs are offered fully online, so you do not need to visit the college campus to earn your degree. The programs employ user-friendly platforms with interactive learning tools that address various learning styles.

Relevant Curriculum

NACTEL's online telecom education programs are developed by the industry, for the industry. The course material is based on job responsibilities draws on input from subject matter experts, trainers and managers in the field and from NACTEL’s industry partners, which means that you learn information that is applicable, current, and relevant to a telecom career.

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Quality Education

NACTEL’s online telecom courses are asynchronous, which means you are not required to be "in class" on any specific day or time. However, the NACTEL programs come with all the challenge and rigor that is required for a high-quality college education. As opposed to training or CBT, the NACTEL courses are interactive, engaging, and taught by experienced instructors. The high interactivity, instructor involvement, and small class size contributes to the high quality and high completion rates, distinguishesing NACTEL’s programs from many other online offerings.

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