Bachelor of Science in – Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration


The B.S. in Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration prepares students for many intermediate and advanced positions in the telecommunications industry. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Technology Studies with a concentration in Telecommunications from Pace University. This degree program builds on the A.S. degree in Telecom, Networking Technologies, Wireless Networking, Video Technologies, or Mobile Technology

What will I learn?

Students gain a thorough understanding of both the technical and operational aspects of the industry, and emerge prepared for success in a wide range of telecom careers.  The B.S. Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration provides:

  • A solid understanding of emerging telecommunications technologies, including Fiber Optics, Broadband, Voice Over IP and Wireless
  • A strong base in the fundamental industry concepts and practices
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills using computer technology
  • A keen awareness of telecom industry management and operations
  • Teamwork, communications and career development skills and best practices

Degree Requirements ( 120 Credit Total)

Credit Allocation  

36 credits

  Transfer Credit 60-64 credits  
  Major Core Courses 16 credits  
  Major Elective 16 credits  
  Capstone 4 credits  
General Education Electives 20 credits

View the degree details at Pace University.



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