NACTEL Student Stories

Phillip has been in the telecommunications industry for 15 years.  In 2001 while working at Genuity, he received an email about the NACTEL program at Pace University.  It sparked his interest.  He was laid off soon afterwards and wasn’t able to pursue the degree.  Later, when he was doing contract work for Verizon, a friend encouraged him to sign-up so the two of them could go to school together.  As it turned out, his friend never enrolled, but Phillip did.  After just a few classes, he knew he liked it and that he could complete it. 

Phillip is one of many students who were able to transfer previous college credits into Pace University.  “I had several credits that transferred in including certification from CISCO training.  It gave me a real boost knowing I had fewer classes to take.”

While Phillip doesn’t know just how much his degree will help him in his current position, he really wanted the degree for himself.  He was already taking classes when he was hired at AT&T.  His Project Manager and Supervisor were very supportive.

Phillip’s family accompanied him to the graduation ceremony in New York.  They were excited to be able to attend his graduation, as well as see all of the sights in the city.  After graduation, Phillip is back to the books; he will begin the Bachelor’s program at Pace University right away.  

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