NACTEL Student Stories

Tim earned his first Bachelor’s degree in 2000 from the University of South Florida. After completing that degree, he started working for Verizon and learning about the telecommunication industry.

In 2005, Tim decided he wanted to go back to school. He thought about getting his Master’s degree, but was interested in learning more about the telecommunications industry.  He found the NACTEL program at Pace University through an HR bulletin at work. “The convenience of the online program was very attractive, and the fact that Verizon covered it under the Tuition Assistance Program was a plus.” 

With a very busy personal life, including a wife, dogs, playing bass guitar in two bands, working on his house, and being part of a pit crew for a local sprint car racer, he figured the best way to balance the mix was online education. “Having the flexibility to complete my assignments around these obligations gave me an opportunity to complete this degree where I might not have been as successful in the traditional classroom environment.” To help with his hectic schedule, Tim also kept an online calendar.

According to Tim, the experience was a good one.  “The coursework was very relevant.  I learned about many things I had heard about before, but didn’t really have an understanding of.”

As Tim plans to move upward in Verizon, he believes that his NACTEL / Pace degree will be a benefit. He was recently nominated to a two-year rotational program helping future leaders gain experience in different areas within Verizon Telecom Human Resources.

After completing this Bachelor’s degree (his second), Tim wants to continue moving forward with his education. Tim’s advice to other students is, “Stick with it and work hard!”

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