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Anthony ViscigliaAnthony began to feel a competitive disadvantage at work, earning a degree appeared necessary as the demand for an advanced technical skill set became an industry requirement.  The technology within the telecommunications industry was rapidly changing, Anthony returned to school to gain the necessary skill set to keep up with these advancements.  Anthony feels that by completing his degree he became more marketable and an even greater asset to Verizon.

After transferring his previous college credits, and using a Prior Learning Assessment, Anthony began his journey toward earning an A.S. degree through the PACE/NACTEL program in 2005.  “I have repositioned myself due to NACTEL and I’m far more confident regarding my knowledge and abilities.”  Anthony said, “My personal sense of achievement is now backed with a diploma and I have the credentials to validate my knowledge.”

Anthony purports that a traditional classroom setting would not have worked for him.  He needed the flexibility that online learning affords.  “As you raise a family, you tend to put your own needs on the back-burner and assemble your personal list of roadblocks to higher education.  NACTEL made it possible for me to earn a degree while still caring for my family and working fulltime.  NACTEL removed the roadblocks.  College just wouldn’t have worked for me any other way.”

Anthony will Graduate with Distinction in May with his A.S. degree and is already working toward earning his Bachelor’s.

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