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Juan VillonJuan had been out of school for 25-years and the thought of going to college was simply overwhelming.  However, when his four sons were nearing the end of their high school careers, he led by example.  At the suggestion of his supervisor and the behest of his wife (a high school guidance counselor), Juan registered for NACTEL classes.

From the outset, Juan worked hard to systematically fit his coursework into his life.  He studied before work, in the evenings and on weekends.  “To excel with online learning, you must have discipline, dedication and focus.  You have to learn how to budget your time.”  Juan finds that his improved time management skills not only apply to his education but also personally and professionally.

After graduation, Juan plans to continue working toward his Bachelor’s degree.  “I will start again in September so that I don’t take a break in between.  Part of my success comes from staying on track.”  According to Juan, another part of his success is related to the way NACTEL courses are built.  “Concepts and terminology are introduced in the class prior to the course where the “real learning” takes place.  This gives you a taste of the material and helps you build the concepts one piece at a time.”

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