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Before taking NACTEL-sponsored online classes at Pace University, John took an exam required for a job position, which he did not pass.  A year later, after taking a few of the online NACTEL classes, he passed the test and got the job.  “I got an immediate return from what I was learning and saw the value of my online classes right away.” 

John had always wanted to obtain a degree and felt that the NACTEL program at Pace University was right for him.  “The online program offered a flexible schedule that would allow me to balance my work, family, and homework on my own time.”  John would start his homework after his four children had gone to bed, and would sometimes continue until late at night - then get up and go to work.  “It was tough at times, but getting my degree was a personal goal for me as well as my parents.  My children are now at an age where they see the dedication that goes into obtaining a degree, and now they talk about going to college as well.” 

After several personal obstacles and a few semesters off, John now has that degree he always wanted.  John says online education is a very personal experience.  “You might think that being online you would be detached from your professors, but at Pace University you aren’t.  You get to know the staff and they get to know you.  When I needed to take some time off for personal reasons, the professors and staff understood and were supportive.  They wanted me to succeed, sent me e-mails of encouragement, and gave me time extensions.” 

When asked if he had any advice for anyone contemplating starting online courses, John explains that you should not get discouraged.  “Your hard work will pay off.  If you want it badly enough, every sacrifice you go through to get your degree will be worth it.”

For now, John is planning on taking a ‘deep sigh and breather,’ but then he wants to jump back in and get his Bachelor’s degree from NACTEL / Pace.

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