NACTEL Student Stories

More than ten years ago, Bob made a decision to start down a new career path thanks to a telephone installer who worked in a new home that Bob had purchased. The installer encouraged Bob to apply for a job in the telecom industry, which he did. As a result, Bob began his career as a telecom cable splicer.

Bob recently thought about where he wanted to be in five, ten, or fifteen years. He decided education was an important part of his future. Bob started in a NACTEL certificate program with no previous college experience. Bob quickly became more comfortable and confident as an online student. After discussing his options with his wife, Bob decided to go 'all the way' and complete his Bachelor's Degree.

Bob can't stop raving about his his experiences with the faculty and staff at Pace University. "The faculty was awesome! It was reassuring that, over all the time attending Pace University, I was able to deal with the same people. I even had some of the same professors twice."

Online learning worked well for Bob. "Your confidence builds after a few classes. You just have to tell yourself, you can do it!" A key motivation for Bob was to finish his degree before his son graduates from high school next year.

Excited to be finished, Bob and his wife attended the NACTEL graduation ceremonies in New York City.

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