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Aimee Sumereau

Although she attained numerous technical certifications throughout her career, Aimee never followed through with a formal college education. Her current manager is a firm believer that no matter how good you are at your work, everyone should be in school learning something all the time. So, almost 30 years after finishing high school, Aimee decided to follow her boss's advice and get a degree, believing that it would help her long-term job security.

She sought out a NACTEL promotional piece that she’d saved from an old Verizon bill.  After doing some research, Aimee enrolled in the program.  That’s when her perception of herself and her life really started to change.  “NACTEL opened many doors for me. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, I now to want to tackle things that always seemed out of my reach. I joined Toastmasters, because public speaking is something I have always been afraid of. I got involved with a large telecom user group, and was just recently elected to its Board of Directors. For fun, I took up running, and my time gets better in each race.  I’ve gotten focused on making myself the best I can be.”   

Aimee will graduate in May, 2007 at the top of her class.  “Because I am a perfectionist, nothing less than a 4.0 would do.”  Moving forward as she works toward her B.S. degree, Aimee would like to overcome her need for perfect grades.  “In the big picture, no one but you cares what your grade is. You either have a degree or you don’t.  The important part is to just get the degree.”

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