NACTEL Student Stories

Before starting in the NACTEL program, Aimee attained numerous technical certifications throughout her career, but never followed through with a formal college education.  Her manager believed that no matter how good a person is at their job, everyone should be learning something all the time.  So, almost 30 years after finishing high school, Aimee decided she needed to get a degree, initially to please her manager and keep her job secure.   

Aimee dug up a NACTEL promotional flyer she had saved from an old Verizon bill.  She then researched the NACTEL program at Pace University, and eventually enrolled in the program. Through the years much of what Aimee has learned helps her at work.  “The hands on, day to day stuff is different from the book stuff you learn in a class. I already know how to do things, but through all of the course work, I have learned why we do things.”

In May 2007 Aimee graduated with her AS at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA.  After completing her Associate’s degree at PACE University, Aimee jumped right into pursuing her Bachelor’s degree, “I knew I needed to do it right away.”  Now two years later, she is graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, again with a 4.0.

Looking to the future, Aimee says, “I am very interested in pursuing the Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Management at Pace University.  I’ve already spoke with Dr. Sachs about the possibility.”  Of course, she wants to start right away.

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