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NACTEL Student Stories

Michael SteffensMichael had prior college experience but hadn’t earned a degree.  He understood the value of education and was continually taking classes but he wasn’t focused on a particular outcome.  Then one day he was fishing with his buddy who suggested he specialize in technology-focused coursework.  Michael had received numerous emails from his employer outlining the NACTEL program and in 2002, Michael enrolled with the intent of earning his AS degree. 

He will graduate in May.  “I finished one of the degrees I started.  It is an accomplishment that my family and I are very proud of.  Online learning takes discipline and dedication to your commitment but I set a goal and did it.”

NACTEL courses have had a positive impact on Michael both personally and professionally.  “I can answer internal and external customer questions with more authority and expertise.  My education has given me a solid understanding of technical configurations and how things work.”  In addition, the courses have also expanded his knowledge base in relation to general computer software and improved his writing skills.  “The knowledge I’ve gained through NACTEL has the potential to open new doors for me.  I’m looking forward to repositioning myself with my new and improved marketability.”

Michael’s philosophy, “It just goes to show you, there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish with the support of your family, some discipline and a good fishing buddy.”

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