NACTEL Student Stories

Linda started at Verizon as a temp in the Directories department nearly 16 years ago.  Today she has a management position.  After receiving a message from Verizon about the NACTEL program at Pace University, she decided to pursue her degree.

Linda points out that going back to school as an adult can be a challenge, especially with a husband and 3 children.  Because Linda spent a lot of time taking her kids to their various practices, she learned to take her books and her laptop with her.  Linda created a schedule for herself to have the assignments that were posted on Thursday totally complete by Tuesday night, giving herself one night off from school each week.  There were times she thought that she would never finish, but she kept going and completed her Associate’s Degree.

Linda’s favorite courses were the ones with the most hands-on work.  “In one class we built a telephone – soldering and everything.  It was awesome!  In the end, it actually worked.  You could call someone!”

Linda wants to relax a bit before starting the NACTEL Bachelor’s degree in the fall.  She wants to travel with her family to Orlando over the summer and even try to get some camping in!

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