NACTEL Student Stories

Veronica Rivers

Many years ago, Veronica earned a diploma from a junior college.  However, throughout her life she yearned for a degree.  In March, 2003 Veronica set out to earn that degree through the NACTEL program.  “I set a goal and I did it.  Now I’m so happy.  I will be Graduating with Distinction in May.”

Veronica found the online format was perfect for her schedule and learning style.  “I love online learning.  I think it is the best educational delivery method available.”   She liked the fact that online courses eliminated the need for her to travel to a classroom.  Further, because of her positive experience she encouraged other members of her family to try online learning.  “My brother-in-law earned his masters degree and my brother is currently working on his PhD – entirely online.  I’d say to them, “Try one class. You will see how wonderful online learning is and you’ll be hooked, too.” 

Another key to Veronica’s success was her mentor, David Furey (Verizon employee, member of IBEW Local 827, and 2005 NACTEL graduate).  “He really helped me by reminding me that I could accomplish my goals.  When I’d become discouraged by highly technical material, he’d cheer me on.  Mentors are an invaluable resource.” 

Today, Veronica is working as a volunteer at her church and intends to continue in the NACTEL program to earn a bachelor’s degree. “Now that I’ve started, I’m on a roll.  I can even see myself earning my master’s degree.”

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