NACTEL Student Stories

Eric attended college immediately after high school, but after a year he just couldn't stick with it. Years later while working for AT&T, Eric heard about the NACTEL program at Pace University and decided it was time to enroll.

"There were two reasons why I went back to school," Eric recalls, "First, to further my career, and second, for my kids. The job market will be much more competitive for them than it is today. It would be hard for me to tell them to go to school if I didn't have a degree."

Eric found the NACTEL program to be a really positive experience from the beginning. Just getting started, he had a variety of opportunities available. "With all of the coursework options, I couldn't decide which degree I wanted. I ended up choosing Telecom because I would always be in the Telecom industry. If I changed areas, like into networking or wireless, my Telecom degree still applies to all sides. It is more universal."

Eric's family grew during his time as a student. He took a break from his courses when his youngest daughter was born. With his desire to succeed, however, he eventually jumped back into the program to complete his education. Now that he has his degree, Eric plans on taking some time off to enjoy his family.

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