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Royce knows a lot about the telecommunications industry, having worked in it for 37 years (from 1970 through 2007).  He created RP3 Enterprises five years ago, but he did not focus on his business until Verizon offered him early retirement at the end of 2007.

Royce had no previous experience in online courses and found it daunting at first. “I had to take stock of myself and evaluate my own feelings about discipline.” Royce used his project management experience and turned himself into a ‘project’.  He mapped out the best way to complete his coursework and kept a saying in the back of his mind that, “Failure is not an option.”

Royce appreciates Pace University.  “You get a quality education, but you have to work for it.  They are real people who don’t let you fall through the cracks.  On several occasions, things happened that affected my school work including when my mother broke her hip.  The staff at Pace University was very supportive.”

Royce will start his Master’s degree at Pace University this fall.  He is considering teaching, but also wants to keep up on the changing technology for his consulting business.  Until then, he has a number of home improvement projects to work on.

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