NACTEL Student Stories

In 1977, Kathy started work at Qwest as a Directory Assistance Operator, and 31 years later she has finally obtained her goal.  She has the job she always wanted and her Associate’s degree to go along with it!

When Qwest sent information about the NACTEL program at Pace University, she did some research, read testimonials, and decided to enroll. “It was great to know that my company recommended the program.” 

It was a challenge for Kathy because she had been out of school for so many years.  “Taking a long break between high school and college was tough.  I had to learn basic computer programs that high school students today inherently know.”  Some of the courses were tough. She even hired a tutor who came to her home to help her with some of the technical math courses.  “It is not easy, but learning so much about the industry makes it worth the time and effort.”

According to Kathy, “Not having to leave home was great.  I loved being able to do laundry while studying!”  The flexibility of the program gave Kathy the time she needed to take care of her ailing parents. “I had to drop a couple classes for family reasons, but I got right back into it.” 

Kathy is happy to be finished with school for now because she has as two-year-old granddaughter whom she wants to spend more time with.  In the future, she may take additional course in the field, but she is learning so much in her position at Qwest she’s not sure she’ll need to.

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