NACTEL Student Stories

Sometimes having a child in college can motivate a parent to return to college.  That was the case for Luwanda when her son who is in college encouraged her to go back to school.  A few years ago she received message from AT&T about the NACTEL program at Pace University.  After researching further, Luwanda couldn’t see a downside to the online program, so she enrolled.

For Luwanda, the best part about the online classes was the flexibility.  “I work from 4:00 p.m. to midnight.  Even at 2:00 a.m., I could do school work; it’s quiet time.”  Luwanda also enjoyed the elective courses that are part of a college degree program.  Two of her favorites were Astronomy and Environmental Science course. She enjoyed astronomy so much that she now has a new hobby.  “I went out and bought a telescope.  The solar system is fascinating.”

Luwanda, having worked at AT&T for 15 years, is familiar with networking and troubleshooting as part of her job.  However, what she learned in the NACTEL program has allowed her to go above and beyond what is expected in her position.

Lawanda’s advice to other students and those considering the program is, “The good thing about NACTEL is that you can take classes at a pace to match your schedule.  Hang in there and you will complete it.”  She is dedicated to seeing her son graduate from college also in the fall.  She has taken on a second job to help him out.  As for her own education, Luwanda just wants to continue working and enjoy life.  “That’s enough for right now!”

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