NACTEL Student Stories

Marc has worked at Frontier for 33 years. Education has always been a priority for him. Before graduating with his Bachelor's Degree from Pace University, he had already earned three Associate's degrees, a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, and a Master's degree in Electronic Engineering.

Attending school is like a hobby for Marc. When he heard about the NACTEL program, coupled with Frontier's tuition assistance program, he decided to obtain a more current degree.

In order to manage family, work and school, Marc often went into work early to do his homework before his work day started. He found that it was much easier to study without the distractions of home. He also spent time at the local library.

While Marc found online courses more challenging than classroom-based courses, he strongly recommends them. "Just make sure you are committed," he advises. "Don't put anything off. Once you get behind, it is hard to catch up."

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