NACTEL Student Stories

Edwin started his journey at Pace University after a friend told him about the program. "I had been taking courses at the University of Phoenix, but that program was not geared toward our profession," he recalls.

Enrolling in the NACTEL program at Pace University proved beneficial right from the start. Early on, Edwin was preparing to take an exam for his current position. "Having taken the Telecom 1 and Telecom 2 courses, I was familiar with all the material in the exam. I actually credit Pace University for preparing me for that exam."

In some ways, the NACTEL program brought Edwin's life full circle. He was born in Brooklyn and travelled the world in the Navy attending various community colleges along the way. Now he has earned his Bachelor's degree from Pace University in New York. Edwin didn't need a lot of words to describe his experience of graduating and being on the stage of Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Simply put, Edwin said it was, "Awesome."

Edwin is planning on continuing his education by pursuing certification courses. "My long term goal is to work in management or maybe engineering."

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