NACTEL Student Stories

Julie Nietz

Julie has always understood the importance of earning a degree but a Bachelor’s remained elusive for many years.  She’d enrolled in college several times only to switch gears mid-stream.  Then a colleague told her about the NACTEL program.  “I wanted to finish my degree in an area that would complement my work.  Typically, local community colleges consider “communications” to be more broadcast focused.  When I learned about NACTEL’s telecom focus, I knew this was the program for me.” 

In addition, NACTEL’s online delivery was perfect for Julie’s busy lifestyle.  “Online learning gave me the flexibility to study when my workload and family life allowed.  With two high school aged boys, there was always a lot going on.  Sometimes I’d come into class at 3 am.  The incredible flexibility of the NACTEL/PACE program definitely contributed to my success.”

Julie attributes another part of her success to NACTEL’s collaborative environment.  Her advice to prospective students, “be organized; dedicate specific time each day to study, and most importantly communicate with instructors and other students regularly.  This program is designed with a myriad o f support mechanisms to facilitate student success.”

After graduating Summa cum Laude, Julie is now encouraging her husband to return to school to complete his Master’s degree.  “Degrees showcase dedication, motivation and the ability to stay focused.  My degree gives me a personal sense of satisfaction and assists me professionally.”

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