NACTEL Student Stories

In 1978, Debbie was hired as an Administrative Clerk at GTEDS (General Telephone & Electronics Data Services). After several different positions and taking a 5-year break from work to raise her daughter, Debbie is happy to continue to call Verizon home.

Debbie started her education in 1979 by taking courses here and there trying to complete her degree. When Verizon introduced her to the NACTEL program at Pace University and the incentive of pre-paid tuition and book reimbursement, she knew she couldn’t let the opportunity pass her by.  Once she started the courses, she was learning about things that were very relevant to her work, “Voice over IP, fiber optics, and the list goes on.”

Her overall experience in the program was wonderful.  “The people at Pace University were marvelous.” Of course, some classes challenged Debbie more than others.  “My aunt is a college professor in mathematics, so she helped me when I was struggling with electronics math.”

According to Debbie, “You have to be dedicated - a self starter, and motivated.  No one can do it for you.”  Some weeks Debbie spent more than 60 hours at work and still put in 20 hours studying. “I had a schedule and I followed it.”  

Debbie has started looking into Master’s programs, but for now she plans on relaxing and enjoying her free time.

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