NACTEL Student Stories

Wendy never knew that working as an administrative temp would open the door to a telecommunications career.  She had been “temping” for a while before coming to Noble Energy, where the opportunity eventually came for her to transfer to a permanent position in the IT department.

She decided that she wanted to get a degree.  “I wanted to learn more about the industry,” Wendy said, “and also to have that degree for future job security.”  She found the NACTEL program at Pace University by searching online.  Because the NACTEL program was customized for telecommunications, Wendy decided it met her needs better than other programs that simply offered technical courses.  “I wanted something tailored to my field, so the NACTEL program was perfect!”
As a student, Wendy was determined to get her school work done right away.  She would get her assignments on Thursday and work really hard to complete them by Saturday.  She remembers one particular evening when her husband came home around 1:00 a.m. to find her still doing homework.  “I didn’t like to leave things dangling,” she says.

Graduation was no different – Wendy purchased tickets to New York City for herself, her husband, her daughter, and her daughter’s fiancée ten months ahead of time.  Then, when she returned home, she threw a graduation party for 175 of her closest friends and family!

What’s next for Wendy?  As for her career, Wendy wants to stay exactly where she is.  “I like what I am doing; I like the people, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else,” she adds.  Wendy is also considering a Master’s degree, but wants to think some more about that decision. 

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