NACTEL Student Stories

Pamela Mccullough

Pamela earned a degree in Business Administration and wanted to expand her knowledge with a better understanding of emerging telecommunications technologies.  When she received an email from her employer outlining NACTEL, she thought, "Why not? I have to go to work every day, I may as well know as much as I can."

In addition, Pamela noticed that top-craft was hiring people with AS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Networking.  She saw NACTEL as her entrée for advancement.

At the time, Pamela was working in an SBC factory assembling components.
"I saw cables, parts and pieces but wasn't completely sure how they all worked together."

Through NACTEL, Pamela has gained the knowledge she sought.  Today, she works in the construction field as a Technical Specialist.  "NACTEL gave me a solid comprehension of how things operate.  I have ownership of the end-to-end process of service delivery to our customers.  In addition, when a higher-level position opens-up, I now have the credentials necessary to be a forerunner for advancement.”

Pamela graduates with her A.S. degree in May 2007, then plans to take some time off from her educational endeavors.  "With all this extra time, I will plant some flowers, work in the yard and maybe paint a few rooms in my house."

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