NACTEL Student Stories

Randy’s interest in the telecom industry grew while working on PBX, punch down, and maintaining DS1 for an IT department.  Before joining AT&T (formerly SBC) in 2004, he worked at Sprint for seven and a half years.

Randy was able to transfer 60 credits from previous college work into the NACTEL program at Pace University and started his first online NACTEL course in fall 2005.  Randy’s normal work week is roughly 50-60 hours, so time management was a constant challenge, which Randy described as, “Catch as catch can.”  He adds, “Some classes required more work, but the core classes had a similar structure so you knew what to expect.”  A big challenge for Randy was finishing papers in a timely manner, particularly research papers.

Randy’s advice to other students is to, “Stick with it and you’ll get there before you know it.  Make sure you look at the academic calendar to know when classes are offered.  Planning ahead helps make sure the puzzle fits together later.”

Randy is excited to see his daughter graduate from high school and also attend his Pace University graduation in New York City.  Afterward, he hopes to get his CCNA certificate and train for a triathlon.

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