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After high school, Shane took some courses at a technical school and eventually took a job as a technician in the telecommunications industry.  Shane has a young family and a work schedule that could be hectic at times.  It is common for him to average 5 to 10 hours of overtime a week.  However, Shane always knew that he wanted to earn a degree, and it turned out that he was an ideal candidate for the NACTEL program at Pace University.  “When I received a company email about the NACTEL program, I already knew what I was doing on the job, but I thought the degree might open doors down the road.”

Juggling work, school and family was a challenge.  Shane points out that, “I tried to do as much course work during my lunch break as I could.  The online format allowed me to do course work from anywhere.”  During his two years of classes, he noticed that faculty continued to find ways to use technology to benefit the students.  “The professors are adding more resources online,” Shane said.  “I can listen to MP3’s, view PowerPoints, and print the notes that go with them.  It is almost like you have someone taking notes for you.”

Thinking about where he would like to be in 5 years, Shane affirmed, “I still want to be working at AT&T and would like to have earned my Bachelor’s degree.”  Shane is scheduled to start the NACTEL Bachelor’s program at Pace University in the fall.

Shane reminds potential students that, “It takes a lot of work each week, but it’s something you can’t just stop.  You have to be self motivated.”

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