NACTEL Student Stories

Carols Martin

Carlos wanted to earn a degree in telecommunications but everywhere he looked, programs were too time intensive.  "I simply couldn't attend a traditional program.  I have a 3-hour commute each day, so online learning is the only method that could possibly work for me."

However, a negative online learning experience in his past made Carlos hesitate.  "I told myself that I'd never try that again."  The course was poorly designed and the delivery one-dimensional.  "Thankfully, I took a chance on NACTEL. Otherwise, I would never have a telecommunications degree."

According to Carlos, "There is a significant amount of collaboration in the NACTEL program.  One normally considers online learning self-paced and independently focused.  NACTEL offers autonomy, but there is also a unique collaborative environment.  You communicate regularly with your professors and peers so it isn't as if you are ever alone.  The online community of learners is extremely supportive and enthusiastic."

Carlos was even able to rekindle an old friendship through the program.
While perusing a class roster, he happened to notice the name of a former military contact with whom he'd lost touch.  In 1983 they were stationed together at Maxwell Air Force Base.  The two connected via email and have been friends ever since.

Carlos is planning to attend the upcoming graduation ceremony at Pace University.  "I feel like I have a connection with the school even though I've never been there and I'm anxious to meet my peers face-to-face."

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