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Joseph Mancini

Joseph recognized that Verizon was funneling significant capital into the networking and broadband arenas.  It was because of this realization that he enrolled in the NACTEL program.  Joseph felt that in order to secure his future, he needed to augment his business degree with more technical knowledge.  He chose the Networking Track for his AS degree and is now a Wireless Survey Developer working with technical engineers in a project management capacity.    

“The program was great.  It gave me a good foundation with pertinent technologies.  I am able to converse comfortably in technical terms and understand telecom vernacular and acronyms.”  According to Joseph, “NACTEL content is current and timely. “

Joseph maintains that the material content of telecom classes aligns itself with online learning.  “The technical nature of the industry makes the information easier to learn online than “soft-skills” would be.  Online learning saves commuting time which gives you more time to spend with material.  For me, the online format is perfect because it eliminates outside distractions often found in traditional educational settings.”

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