NACTEL Student Stories

Opportunities always seemed to present themselves to John, and he knows to take advantage of them. He started his career as a Residence Installer and was able to work his way into the engineering side of the industry. He already had an an Associate's degree in Electrical Engineering. When he learned about the NACTEL program, he thought that a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications would be a good fit.

Online courses were very convenient for John. Instead of driving 50 miles roundtrip to work and another 50 miles roundtrip to a community college, he could go online at any time during the week. "Even though I wasn’t on a campus, I could still access things at the library or from home because it was online. Everything I needed was available and worked worked with my schedule."

The NACTEL program at Pace University helped John to better understand his job and the telecom industry as a whole. "I took classes on wireless systems and broadband - things I hadn’t been introduced to before this program."

After attending graduation, John's wants to move into the wireless side of the industry. "I'm very interested in being a part of what they are building, in being a part of the future of the telecom industry."

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