NACTEL Student Stories

Originally, Robert wanted to be a teacher, but things didn’t quite work out that way. After a few years as a supervisor of a toy store and being the official Disney character, Goofy, at the theme park, he decided to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by taking a job with Verizon.

A few years later, Verizon sent an e-mail with information about the NACTEL program at Pace University, and he started researching it.  He had always wanted to finish his Bachelor’s degree, and this was a great opportunity.  Robert will become the first member of his family to obtain his Bachelor’s degree.  He gives credit to NACTEL, Pace University, Verizon, and the IBEW for helping him make it happen.

“The best part of the NACTEL / Pace program was the flexibility it offered me.  I have three little girls, so to be able to do schoolwork after they went to bed was great.  I even took time off to get married!  When I got back, I had to work double-time to catch up, but the flexibility was amazing.”

Robert believes that his new degree will help him if he decides to pursue a management position, but he is very happy with his current position as a Central Office Tech.

This summer, Robert plans on meeting some of his fellow classmates in Florida. He already has a fishing trip lined up with one of them and is looking forward to meeting other classmates face-to-face. “I’ve formed friendships that are extending out of the classroom, and it’s great.”  He has also kept in contact with instructors from Pace University and is considering becoming an instructor later in life.  For now, his next step will be obtaining his MBA.

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