NACTEL Student Stories

Joseph Leger

In his current position, Joe installs and repairs land-lines for Verizon and although he enjoys his work, he has his sights set on a different career path.  Joe is very interested in Internet protocols and security, “Clearly, the field of information technology will continue to grow.  Because of my degree, when traditional land-lines phase out, I am prepared to take on a more technologically advanced role in the telecom industry.” 

Joe began working on his Bachelor’s degree a little over two years ago.  “Compared to other learning methodologies, the accelerated format of NACTEL’s program shortens the graduation window significantly. If you are willing to fully dedicate yourself to your education, you can earn a degree in two-years.”  According to Joe, he focused on his educational endeavors roughly 15-20 hours per week.  “It is definitely a commitment but it is well worth the effort.  The feeling of accomplishment is amazing.” 

Joe and his family visited New York City for a Yankees game and more importantly, to attend his graduation ceremony.  “It was important to me to meet the NACTEL/Pace staff.  Everyone involved in this program is phenomenal.  They support you every step of the way.”  

Joe is now working on obtaining his Master’s degree. His educational pursuits have even inspired his son.  “By the time I earn my Master’s, my son will be entering college.  Through watching my growth and success, he now sees the value of higher education.”

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