NACTEL Student Stories

Donna knew she wanted to show her two teenage daughters the value of education because she had dropped out of high school after the 8th grade, but later earned her GED. When Qwest provided employees information on the NACTEL program at Pace University, she knew it was something she wanted to do to better herself and set a good example.

When Donna interviewed for a position two years ago, she mentioned she was enrolled in the NACTEL/Pace program.  She believes that it made a difference in the decision to hire her.  “Even if the degree wouldn’t help further my career, it has made me feel better and taught me a lot about the industry,” she said.

Going to school on and off over the past four years, Donna learned that the key to her success was getting her homework done right away. “If I procrastinated, there was a chance I would not get it done. So as often as possible, I finished the new assignment on the day we got it.”  

With two girls in their prime teenage years, Donna is looking forward to a break from her studies. “I would like to go back for my Bachelor’s degree, but for right now I need to focus on my family.”

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