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Phillip Horgan

Philip has been a Cable Splicer for twenty years.  During his tenure, he has seen considerable industry growth and consolidation, as well as unprecedented technological advances.  It was the consolidation that made him take a hard look at his future and commit to completing the degree he had abandoned years ago.     

After successfully completing courses offered through Verizon’s Next Step program, Phillip enrolled in NACTEL. “I realized that I enjoy school and that it’s never too late to begin again.”

According to Phillip, the online format was essential for his success.  “I have two young children and online learning gave me the flexibility to earn my degree but still be present for my family.  I was able to help them with their homework, have dinner as a family, put the children to bed each night - and then focus on my studies.  In a traditional environment, I may have missed them growing up.” 

In addition, Phillip feels that his going back to school is a positive example for his children. “I explained to them that I should have taken advantage of my educational opportunities earlier.  If I had, I may well have had different career opportunities.  But, the good news is that I am now taking advantage of this opportunity.  They see how important it is to study hard and gain knowledge.”

For Phillip, an unexpected benefit was the collaborative environment of the NACTEL program.  “Meeting industry contemporaries gave me the opportunity to better understand industry-wide patterns and share best practices.” 

After graduating Summa cum Laude with his BS degree, Philip has gone on to pursue his Master’s.  He sees the industry continuing to expand into fiber optics with a major push to FIOS.  “Verizon has started down this path and the rest of the industry is watching to see how this all plays out.  NACTEL has given me the education to be at the forefront of this exciting time.”

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