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After earning her Associate’s degree in Telecommunications at Pace University through the NACTEL program, Kelly decided to continue on with Pace to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. The online format of these programs fit her lifestyle because she was working full-time while raising a teenage son.

“It was easy because it was online and available to me as a working adult and while having a teenager,” said Kelly. “It was a difficult time going through his teen years while juggling school - you have to be attentive to what they’re going through.”

“But he was proud of what I was doing and it let him know he can succeed in life, even if it’s delayed until later in life,” she said. “I’d prefer he do it sooner, actually, but the concept he learned was to never give up on what you can do in life.”

Kelly liked the online format because she said she got to meet a lot of people in the same field.

“As old as I was taking the program, I just didn’t realize how many other people my age were in the same boat,” she said. “It made me feel more at ease, conversing with others online.”

Kelly was very pleased with the program overall, even though at first the work seemed very daunting. “I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, and then after awhile, I began to really grasp what I was learning.”

She thought the most challenging aspect of the program was that sometimes it was hard to stay focused and keep a handle on her time management. She said she just made sure she scheduled time to do her reading and homework at a certain time. “You need to focus and commit,” she said.

Kelly said even though there were challenging times, one of the best parts about the NACTEL program was that there were a lot of really good instructors to help, as well as other classmates and advisors.

“Don’t be afraid and don’t delay,” was her advice. “Dive into it, and you’ll eventually get used to doing it online.”

Kelly was asked to write an article about her experience with NACTEL for her company’s intranet website, which she’s working on now. And now that her son is a young adult, Kelly has the time to continue her education at Central Michigan University, where she’s going for her MBA.

She concluded, “I’m very proud of myself!”

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