NACTEL Student Stories

Eduardo Garza

Eduardo and his family live in a small town in Texas that is also home to two local colleges, one of which he attended for general coursework.  However, neither institution could meet his requirements for a technical degree.  He knew that a earning a degree was imperative, but the prospect of moving his family was not an option he was comfortable with. 

Then in 2005, he discovered NACTEL. “The online format was a gift.  Without NACTEL I would have been forced to move or give up my goal of earning a degree.”  Eduardo was able to transfer sixty-four of his prior college credits into the program and graduated with distinction in May 2007. 
He is currently working with a team to turn-up an advanced optical transport system that simultaneously carry voice, video (IPTV), and data (Internet), service to the city in which he lives.  “It is very exciting to deliver this product and I am applying knowledge from the NACTEL/PACE Fiber Optics class on a daily basis.” 

Eduardo believes that knowledge is power and we must lead the next generation by example.  When he committed to go back to school, his family decided it needed to be an “all hands effort”.  They committed to make sacrifices (like not going to the movies on Friday nights) and adjusted their lifestyle to give him time to study.  “My kids watch me study and see my commitment.  They see that education is a lifelong process.  I want them to think, “If my dad’s doing this, it must be important for me to do it too.”

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