NACTEL Student Stories

David was familiar with the NACTEL program at Pace University because of his role as IBEW Learning Advocate.  “I had been promoting the NACTEL program, showing people how classes work, and demonstrating the ease of the website to potential students.”  On the value of education, David says, “It is something that no one can take away from you.”

When his young daughter came home with a math problem that he couldn’t solve, David finally decided it was time to get back to school himself.  He has worked hard, earning his Bachelor’s degree through the NACTEL program at Pace University to go along with his NACTEL Associate’s degree.

On continuing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, David states, “It’s hard.  Earning your AS degree is good, but technology changes all the time.  When I started in the industry, phone service was strictly analog.  Then it moved to digital, and now VoIP.  You have to keep moving forward or you’ll get left behind.”

David was highlighted in a Forbes Magazine article featuring Verizon as an ‘excellent educator’.  Two years ago, one of David’s daughters became the fourth generation to work at Verizon.  “We work in the same department, in the same position.  She is egging me on to get my Master’s degree.  I just might do it!”

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