NACTEL Student Stories

Frank started his educational journey in 1965 and earned an Associate's degree in 1973. He later earned a second Associate's degree through the Next Step program sponsored by Verizon and the CWA.

Along the way, Frank attended Pace University as an on-campus student. Because his shifts at work were constantly changing, he found that he couldn't continue on site. "So, online was perfect!" said Frank.

For Frank, online education was challenging at first. "No one can tell you what to expect, and the online format was new to me," he said. His recommendation to prospective students is to talk to someone that has been through the program. "I wasn't prepared to do online work right away. It takes a while to learn to be an online student if you haven't done it before."

Having recently retired from Verizon, and now receiving his BS degree, Frank is looking forward to the next chapter in his life. "I would love to find a job in the IT field."

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