NACTEL Student Stories

Joe Fleming

Joe will be the first to admit that going back to school isn’t easy.  “It was tiring at times, frustrating at times, or not-something-I-want-to-do-today at times.”  He will also be the first to tell a prospective student, “the NACTEL/Pace program works.  Pace University is a fine institution and I am very proud of my association with it and the NACTEL program.  I have a high respect for each and every individual on the faculty and staff of this program. “

Joe chose to earn his Bachelor’s degree through NACTEL because of its superior reputation and online format.  Work schedules, raising children, and paying for their education were his first priorities, but Joe saw the flexibility of online learning and the ability to manage his personal schedule as a big advantage.   

“I started the program at the age of 49.  Our children did not once make fun of me or think I was ‘un-cool’ for being in classes at my age, but they did tell me that they were proud of me.  That last one is all the motivation I needed.”  Joe attributes much of his educational success to his family.   “I could not have done this without their support.  My wife and children were behind me 100% of the way and that is a wonderful blessing in itself.” 

In the immediate future, Joe plans to continue to work with end user groups, contractors, and consultants in the construction industry.  His long-term goal is to retire with his wife to the Texas hill country region where they can fish, hunt, play golf and (maybe) work a little part-time. 

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