NACTEL Student Stories

When he was in the Army and National Guard, Daryn learned about telecommunications and enjoyed the field. After the military, he found a job with AT&T working as a technician. Five years later, he transferred into his current position, which gives him the diversity in his work that he really enjoys.

Daryn had some previous college experience and was thinking through his future plans with his wife when he learned about NACTEL and Pace University. Since he was not familiar with the program, he spoke with a NACTEL student and found they were really enjoying it. In addition, when Daryn learned about the AT&T tuition aid program, he definitely thought it was worth a try.

Working with the staff and instructors made Daryn's experience even better. "I found it very easy to enroll in courses with the help of the advisors and counselors at Pace University. Even the instructors were very helpful too."

Daryn has already enrolled in the Bachelor's program at Pace University with no break. He wants to continue his studies for a �three-fold reason' � it makes him more marketable, provides more diversity in the field, and gives him a greater sense of accomplishment.

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