NACTEL Student Stories

Rich took a few college courses after high school and bounced around a number of jobs.  One day, someone handed him a flyer promoting temporary summer jobs at Verizon.  That was 14 years ago.  Rich has worked at Verizon since then and was named Senior Staff Consultant two years ago.

Once he moved into management, Rich knew he wanted a degree.  “Degrees are becoming more important,” Rich notes.  “I knew my chances of getting a management position were greatly improved if I had a degree.” Wishing he had completed his degree immediately after high school, Rich selected the online NACTEL program at Pace University.

Since starting the program Rich became a father – twice!  He wanted to make sure his studies didn’t impede on family time.  His solution was to finish his homework immediately and then continue studying after his children were asleep. 

Rich plans to use his degree to the fullest extent to better himself at Verizon.  He is also starting the NACTEL Bachelor’s degree right away, and plans to obtain a Master’s degree someday. 

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