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After high school, Debbie tried night school but it was not a good fit for her, so she put her plans for a college degree on hold.  “I always knew someday I would go back and get my degree.  I just needed the timing to be right for me and my family.”

After reading several company e-mails about NACTEL’s industry-specific degrees offered through Pace University, Debbie decided that the time was finally right for her to go back to school.  “Once my kids were almost out of high school, I was comfortable in enrolling in the degree program.  I wanted to give online classes a try.  I also wanted to show my sons that a college degree was obtainable and important in today’s competitive job market.  On a personal note, I wanted to achieve a degree for myself.”

Debbie quickly found that online learning was a good fit for her. “With online classes, you learn at your own pace.  If you work hard to get your homework assignments done early in the week, you get some free time before the next part of the lesson begins.  Online worked out great for me!”

Debbie’s family, especially her husband, was supportive in her pursuing her degree.  “My husband helped me around the house so that I would have time to study.  He did everything from laundry, to cooking, to putting the kids’ lunches together.”  At work Debbie’s supervisor was encouraging her as well.  “My manager thought it was great that I was going back to school.  He supported me in any way he could and even proctored my exams.”

After 32 years with Verizon, Debbie graduated with her Bachelor’s degree.  “I now have the degree I always wanted.  I also have more industry specific knowledge after taking the online classes, which helps me do my job better.” 

Debbie is very happy with her job at Verizon and plans to keep working after graduation.  After finishing her school work, she does look forward to having some time off and getting her social life back.


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