NACTEL Student Stories

Jim attended Central Connecticut State University when he was 18, but he only completed one semester.  He knows he wasn’t in the right mindset for college at that point in his life.  Jim started working for AT&T thirteen years ago.  In 2004, he enrolled in the NACTEL program and progressed steadily usually taking one class at a time.  “This online program worked for me because sometimes I had to work overtime,” Jim said.  “I couldn’t attend a regular class at a set time.”

Jim was able to keep up with his school work while also having several personal milestones, thanks to the flexibility of the program.  He got married, bought a house, and had his first child.  Jim mentions, “The benefit of taking online classes is that I could fit my school work in during my free time.  I was reading and doing homework while in the hospital waiting for my daughter to be born.  Even though things moved slowly at times, I continued to make progress toward my degree.” 

Jim has another milestone coming up.  His second child is due during the week of graduation!  Jim will take a little time off to spend with his young family before starting the NACTEL Bachelor’s degree at Pace University.

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