NACTEL Student Stories

Stacy started in the industry twenty years ago in the Activations Department for cellular phones. She has literally seen technology change before her eyes, from bulky cellphones to the new slim smart-phones. Even though she advanced in the company without a degree, Stacy wanted to fill in the gaps that she felt she had, so she enrolled in the NACTEL program at Pace University.

When Stacy started the program in 2001, she was able to transfer in some credits from a school she had attended formerly. She made steady progress by taking one course at a time. She took a break from her coursework when she got married and later when she had her daughter, but she was determined to return to school after each of these breaks. Today she is convinced that, "Without this program, I wouldn't be getting my degree."

One of the most difficult challenges for Stacy was getting used to the class load. She learned to manage the load by, "simply taking it one week at a time." When Stacy reflects on her online education experience, she says, "It takes a certain amount of persistence and discipline."

After her years pursuing this degree, Stacy is ready to be finished with school, at least for a while. She may return for her Bachelor's in the future, but for now feels she needs to dedicate more time to her family. Her daughter is graduating from kindergarten and has told everyone in the class that her mommy is graduating too, just like her.

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