NACTEL Student Stories

Arthur always wanted to get a Bachelor’s degree.  After completing the Next Step program, he believed the next logical step would be to enroll in the NACTEL program at Pace University.  “I always had a desire to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.  Having children, I wanted to set an example for them that you need a good education to obtain a good position in the workplace.”

It took Arthur several years to get his degree.  He was patient and told himself to, “Just keep going.  Take once class per semester - little bites at a time.”  Getting his degree was not easy.  At 43 he suffered a heart attack and needed to take some time off.  He always knew that the staff at Pace University was helpful and supportive, but after his heart attack, he found them even more so.  “Dr. Sachs was very understanding.  Everyone at Pace was fantastic.”

Arthur believes that he could not have completed his degree if it were not for NACTEL’s online program at Pace University.  “There is no way that I could have obtained my degree on a traditional college campus.  Online was a perfect fit for me, and I really believe in it.”  Arthur found it hard at times to keep his life balanced while juggling work, family, and school, but he had his family’s support and dedication to get him through.  He even states that his wife has been known to help him with his chemistry experiments by stirring in the ingredients.  “My wife is behind me 100%, she is very supportive.” 

After earning his degree in August, he wants to take some time off, and eventually plans to continue his education in Industrial Safety.

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