NACTEL Student Stories

While searching Google for an online telecommunication program, Vishal found the Pace University website where he learned about the NACTEL program. He had previous credits from a community college that transferred, and he started the program in 2005.

According to Vishal, one of the best things about the NACTEL program at Pace University is, “The online community involved meeting people in the industry; it was great to be able to communicate with other people in the field.”

“I truly believe that you gain more knowledge per class in online education because you are forced to learn the material. You are required to meet weekly deadlines unlike a traditional classroom setting where you can still pass by cramming at the end.”  Vishal had to create a time management process that worked for him. He was able to occasionally do school work while on the job, but most evenings he would spend 2-3 hours on school work. “It meant giving up some stuff, but in the end it was worth it.”

Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Vishal is ready to tackle his MBA and plans to continue his education at Pace.

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