NACTEL Student Stories

Bonnie did not need an Associate’s degree in her current position, but it was important to her to show her daughter that education was a priority.  Bonnie had often thought about getting her degree, and after seeing several company e-mails about the NACTEL program at Pace University, she acted on it. 

She found that online learning through Pace University balanced out very well with working full time.  “I liked the fact that I didn’t have to travel to go to school.  I could put my daughter to bed, go into the next room, and begin my assignments online.  I am a huge advocate for online learning.  The schedule is so flexible that anyone can do it.” 

Not only was CWA a strong motivator, but Verizon was as well.  “To begin taking online classes through Pace, all you had to do was sign up for a course.  Verizon would give you a voucher to cover the costs of your tuition and books. Verizon tells their employees that even if you don’t need a degree for your current position, you should further your education.”  Bonnie believes, “The only thing your education will cost you is your time, and you can find time to get your degree.” 

Bonnie found the instructors at Pace University to be very helpful.  “I was getting ready for a midterm exam and was having technical difficulties, so I e-mailed my instructor.   I got a very understanding reply within minutes saying that my midterm could be rescheduled.  Even with the technical issue and my exam being rescheduled, I was still able to meet my deadline.”  Bonnie felt that everyone, from her instructors to her online classmates, was there to support her and help her succeed.  “If you have a question, ask it.  The chances are you are not the only one with the same question.  People are there to help you.”

Bonnie is preparing for her daughter’s high school graduation and spending time with her before she leaves for college in the fall.  “After my daughter leaves, I will have a lot more free time.  I hope that in the spring I can continue on with my education and pursue my Bachelor’s degree.”

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