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Scott earned his Associate's degree in Business Administration and it was at that same time his wife, Dolores, was working toward her nursing degree. To continue his education, Scott chose the B.S. in Telecommunications at Pace University because it helped him follow a career path in Homeland Security. “ The ever changing world of technology and the heightened security of our country has opened many doors for a person who would consider this field,” Scott said.

Because he was working at Verizon, he only had nights free, so the online option was a perfect fit for him. “Flexibility was a key reason I decided on the online degree through NACTEL and Pace,” he said.

Scott said that as an adult, online education has many benefits. “I have attended a traditional college before and campus life is nice to try, but being able to work around family and work schedules was fantastic.”

Some other benefits of online learning, according to Scott, include, “No commuting expenses going to a college or university. You can be as comfortable as you want in your own environment. You can catch up on your classes when you can't sleep, and you don't have to travel in inclement weather to get to classes.”

Scott was very pleased with NACTEL's online program at Pace University. “From the initial application process to the school to applying for graduation, my experience at Pace University was one I will always remember. This institution works with the student and keeps you on track to be successful.”

“The administration and support staff were always in contact with me to inform me of any changes to classes or schedule conflicts,” he added. “The teaching staff helped me to think outside the box and helped me advance my academic career.”

He cautions, however, that online learning isn't for everyone. “It's for someone who's very organized and wants flexibility,” said Scott. “You need to be organized and structured, but I highly recommend it. It's been great for me.”

Scott said his degree through Pace University helped him move to a graduate level program at Penn State University that he started in May 2011. “I will enter the Homeland Security program with many skills that I received from Pace University through the NACTEL program,” he said. “I was able to gain a solid education from a reputable institution, and I am grateful for the college tuition reimbursement from my employer, Verizon Communications.”

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